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Starting at $44.00  + tax

Fire up the grill!  Play head chef and enjoy Mason Street Grills tasty wood-fired steaks in your own backyard.

Mason Street Grill's GRILLING-TO-GO

  • Your choice of two ready to grill cuts (Filet, New York Strip, or Ribeye)
  • A Mason Street Grill keepsake cooler tote
  • A tin of Mason Street Grill's custom Steak Rub
  • Chef Mark's Steak Grilling Tips
$44 - two (2) 12oz Ribeye
$56 - two (2) 8oz Filet or 12oz New York Strip

Additional steaks at $21 each for Filet and New York Strip, or $15 each for Ribeye

**24 Hour advanced notice on all purchases

Steaks to Go More About Mason Street Grill Steaks

The Mason Street Steak Method - by Chef Mark Weber
As we developed the steak specifications for Mason Street Grill, we decided that in order to create consistency, we needed a consistent product as well as a consistent method for grill preparation.

This "formula" we have developed is used on every steak at Mason Street Grill and can be used on veal and other large cuts of meat simply prepared on the grill.

There are other aspects of the "formula" aside from the quality of the meat that are contributing factors.  Choice of fuel for the grill is very important. We found that either plain wood or carbonized wood (lump charcoal) yielded superior results and flavor.  

Please call 414-298-3131 between 11am and 11pm to place your order.   A 24 hour notice is greatly appreciated so that we may prepare your special package.

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