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Florida Stone Crab - Flown in Fresh Daily

Feeling crabby has never felt so good. Flown in fresh daily, The Florida Stone Crab is the most highly prized seafood delicacy available in the United States. The claws are also renewable; we just borrow a claw and the crab regenerates another! It’s a seafood experience you won’t soon forget.

Our Executive Chef, Mark Weber, recently embarked on a Floida fishing expedition to learn first-hand what it is like to fish for these amazing creatures.   Here is an email from Chef Mark to Mason Street Grill General Manager talking about his experience on the trip (see photos here):


Wow what a great day of fishing! I was on the boat at the Marina at 4 am to help load bait and meet the crew. They ventured off to visit a few of their trap lines set close to shore as we waited for news of crabs via radio. The crab harvest was light near shore so the boat headed up to Clearwater to check traps up there. About 9am they started really hitting good crab traps and called us to come out.

We hopped into a 1050 HP 35 foot Kingfishing boat and sped off to their location. We had a reporter from Newswatch Channel 9 with us and our videographer, Josh's dad also went with.

When we got to the boat, they were about 18 miles up the coast and a few miles off shore. The wind and the waves were very choppy and made it really hard to take photos. We got some really good action shots from our boat and then transferred over to the fishing boat. Lets just say thats not easy...The news guy, Bob, almost went into the water on a good rise from a swell - he started to get a little scared and sick...

The crabbing went well with lots of good sized claws and multiple crabs in most traps. We got lots of great footage and stills. I took a few with my camera phone but it isn't easy when the boat is pitching all around like it was. I left the photos to the pros...meanwhile, Bob wasn't doing very well.

After lots of filming, playing with crabs, and pigs feet, we loaded up about 150 pounds of crab and headed back. That Kingfishing boat does about 75 mph on the water! We got in after about 40 minutes and unloaded the crab, and Bob.

Back at the dock we took some more film and loaded up the crabs to take back to the processing plant for cooking.

Bob came back to life for a few moments to shoot his little conclusion piece on stone crab.

We got back to the processing plant and went through the HAACP process for handling the green claws from start to finish. Its crazy, the green claws are packed in sea water and they are still alive. If you touch them they will still close and try to pinch you! After a couple of hours of weighing, cooking, sorting, and re-weighing, the claws were ready for restaurant delivery. All of the claws we brought in were delivered to local restaurants. Josh's wife was the delivery girl!

By then it was 5 pm so I headed for the hotel with plans to go to dinner. Laid my head on a pillow just to rest for a minute and that was that.

I am going over to the processing plant this morning to see how things are going. They have crab lined up for processing all day and all night so I would like to see how they handle the volume.
See you soon,

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